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The Pfannkuchen-Kuchel

Everything that is truly beautiful, is round like the sun and the moon. Everything that lastingly impresses and delights us humans has the round form of a pancake. (Klaus Weber)

Welcome to our main restaurant: the Rothenburg Pfannkuchen Kuchel. Divided into 2 rooms, they seat 44 and 60 people respectively. On request we can seat a table of up to 12 people.

The speciality in the Rothenburg Pfannkuchen Kuchel are hearty or sweet pancakes. Whether Franconian, refined or exotic - here you find a pancake for every taste. How about the Pancake "Neptune" filled with seafood in cream sauce and fresh herbs or the "Rappenpfannkuchen" with pork fillets and mushrooms in cream sauce, overbaked with Hollandaise sauce?


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